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Schedule of Events, 2010

May 27-31, Gauntlet Rendezvous
Booshway: Indian John
Segundo: Leo Martling
Scribe: Mark Carpenter
contact: (585)476-2679 Cindy Tilton, secretary
wood & water provided, ice run daily (or as needed)
Camp feast Saturday, bring a dish to pass.
Archery Shoot, Women's games, Smooth Bore Shoot, Woods Walk, Hawk & Knife, & more.

Camp fee: $20 per person OR $15 per member.
Pre-registration by May 10, 2010 (Contact Cindy for a form)
Send to: MVCLR, PO box 283, Nunda, NY 14517

Member's links & resources

Member's Links
I will post more as you contact me!

Gail Kellogg Hope
Dawn M. Kellogg
Oakhill Clothiers

Mike Coward
"The Bead Man"

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National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation (NRLHF)
NRLHF Business Office
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Phone: 904-236-4832
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Who was Major Moses Van Campen?

Major Moses Van Campen in his 90's.

Who was Moses Van Campen?
...And why name a club after him?

Moses Van Campen was one of the many unsung heroes of the American Revolution, an Indian Fighter and later one of their greatest allies and advocates. He was a man of great mental and physical resources, and tremendous luck.
He was born on January 21, 1757 to a respected farm family. The family moved several times but finally settled in near Angelica, New York.
After the start of the American Revolution, Van Campen defended the boarder settlements along the frontier of the Iroquois Nation. Due to the alliance between the Iroquois and the Brittish, these settlements came under constant attack. Forts sprung up to defend families and Moses helped to build several. He led numerous scouting expeditions and troops through the woods he was so familiar with, and was victorious in his many battles.
Van Campen died at the ripe old age of 92 in Angelica, NY, where he spent his last years under the care of his daughter-in-law.

You can read more about Major Moses Van Campen in the biography written by his grand-son, J. Niles Hubbard..
Sketches of Border Adventures in the Life and Times of Major Moses Van Campen is out of print, but can be found in several area libraries. ISBN 1-880-484-03-X

Few in our club remember the first years of our formation and the turbulent growing pains that all organizations go through. We hotly debated several names, but one of our founding members was so enamoured by the Major, and spoke so passionately of his adventures and exploits that we could not help but admire this bold and fearless frontiersmen. Van Campen was truly an exceptional man of any time. He was brave, adventurous, compassionate, joyous and forgiving. He was a man who thought nothing of giving his life to do what was right, and though he may not be rememberd by school-children everywhere, he will never be forgotten so long as we care enough to remember.

I stole this jpg from Pieces of the Past, Artifacts, Documents and Primary Sources from Letchworth Park History

The site above is full of great information and it is my completely biased opinion that everyone should visit Letchworth State Park. It is a stunning area of the Genesee Valley, and the Mary Jemison Museum is worth every moment of your time!

Schedule of Events, 2009

Some of these are incorrect, I will make corrections as soon as possible.

Schedule of Events

Moses Van Campen Events
Jan 18, 1:00 pm board meeting, 2:00 pm general meeting, electing officers
Feb 6-8 Bare Bones Winter Rendezvous
Feb 15, 1:00 pm board meeting, 2:00 pm general meeting. Jing Sheng
Mar 15, 1:00 pm board meeting, 2:00 pm general meeting. Jing Sheng
April 11 & 12, 25 & 26, Work and Camp at MVCLR grounds.
May 16 & 17, Work and Camp at MVCLR grounds.
May 21- 25, Gauntlet Rendezvous
June 27 & 28, work and camp at MVCLR grounds.
Aug 1 & 2, Work and Camp at MVCLR grounds.
Aug 8 & 9, Camp & Shoot at MVCLR grounds.
Aug 21-23 Hemlock Pioneer Days, Hemlock Fair Grounds
Aug 28-30 Stone Tool Show at Highbanks Area, Letchworth State Park
Dec 5, 5:00 pm Christmas Party (location to be announced)

Affiliated Events 2009
March 27- April 4 South Eastern
April 29-May 3, Lancaster Co.
April, Batavia Gun Show
May 7-10, Mud Fest?
May, Lancaster
June 5, 6 & 7, Little Beard's Joey
June 19-21 KLR Rendezvous
June 27- July 5, Old North Western?
July 4-6? Grizz-Logging festival
July 11-18, North Eastern
July 18-25, Midwestern
July 24-26, Land of Senecas
August, Whispering Pines
Sept 19 & 20, Fall festival, Canaseraga
Sept 19& 20 DEC Days, Avon, NY. open to all camps!
Sept 25- Oct 3, Eastern
Oct 10 & 11, Moose River?

Contact Information

Mark Carpenter
Cindy Tilton, Secretary (585) 476-2679
Gail Kellogg Hope, President (585)468-2669
MVCLR E-mail:


Moses Van Campen Long Rifles is a not-for-profit living history organization dedicated to preserving the skills of our American ancestors. We are located in scenic Nunda, NY, off of Picket Line Rd on the Kellogg Farm, in some of the prettiest woods on the hill.

Our members work and play hard to re-create the years 1640-1840, also known as the Fur Trade Era. We take on the personas of settlers, natives, long hunters and the occasional mountain man. We sleep under white canvas tents and cook on open fires. Rendezvous is a place to meet friends, trade goods, sing songs and tell stories about the long winter and the years before.

It is also a place to learn skills and crafts that time has almost forgot. You can start a fire using a flint and steel, shoot a flint-lock rifle at our range or go on the Woods Walk, shoot a long bow or learn how to sew a shirt by hand and make a delicious apple pie over an open fire. Members and guests compete in games of skill to win terrific or just terrifically funny prizes.

This is a great hobby for the whole family, a place to forget the hustle and bustle of modern life, a way to get out into the fresh air, enjoy nature, good company and true friends.

New members and guests are always welcome!