Monday, August 17, 2009


Moses Van Campen Long Rifles is a not-for-profit living history organization dedicated to preserving the skills of our American ancestors. We are located in scenic Nunda, NY, off of Picket Line Rd on the Kellogg Farm, in some of the prettiest woods on the hill.

Our members work and play hard to re-create the years 1640-1840, also known as the Fur Trade Era. We take on the personas of settlers, natives, long hunters and the occasional mountain man. We sleep under white canvas tents and cook on open fires. Rendezvous is a place to meet friends, trade goods, sing songs and tell stories about the long winter and the years before.

It is also a place to learn skills and crafts that time has almost forgot. You can start a fire using a flint and steel, shoot a flint-lock rifle at our range or go on the Woods Walk, shoot a long bow or learn how to sew a shirt by hand and make a delicious apple pie over an open fire. Members and guests compete in games of skill to win terrific or just terrifically funny prizes.

This is a great hobby for the whole family, a place to forget the hustle and bustle of modern life, a way to get out into the fresh air, enjoy nature, good company and true friends.

New members and guests are always welcome!

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